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The “Getting Started Guide” to Organizing

Simply put, the first step to getting started is to START!

Too often we wait until we think we are going to have several uninterrupted hours (or days) to “get our act together”. Instead, allow yourself the freedom of taking on your house one closet, or one drawer at a time – perhaps only 10 – 20 minutes per day.

Eventually, you will complete your projects, but you will certainly never finish what you have not begun!

Start with the least used areas of the home, perhaps a guest bathroom or your dining room. This will give you practice for the more time-consuming areas of your home, as well as give you a sense of accomplishment. You will enjoy the peace and satisfaction in those rooms before you tackle a more complicated room like the kitchen or bedroom closet.

The goal for each room of the house is to de-clutter by removing items that are not related to that area of the house and only keep items that you use, love or cannot be replaced. These items are categorized and stored where they are most likely to be used, creating areas that are free to function for each area’s individual purpose.

As you move from drawer to drawer, keep available 3 on-going boxes:

1. Give Away (Allow others to benefit from things you no longer use.)
2. Put Away (Don’t get distracted, you can put out of place items away later.)
3. Sell (You may want to price items now, to avoid creating another task for later.)

You will also need a trash bag for “throw away” items,
which can be tossed at the end of each session.

When you are left with items you love, use and cannot replace, you will need to categorize them by function, so they will be found in the place they are most likely to be used. Create a work flow that makes sense to you – but only have one place to find tools, one place for bills, one place for your keys, etc. You will then experience the freedom and energy that comes from having “a place for everything and everything in its place.”

Imagine the peace that comes from always knowing where to find whatever you need!

*Thanks to Laurie Mattingly, Professional Organizer, (281) 698-0651

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