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Home Loan Application Do’s and Don’ts

Applying for a home loan? Here are some “Do’s and Don’ts” to consider that can impact your home loan application process, both good and bad…


  • Contact your Loan Officer prior to any changes in your income or employment (i.e. – going from salary to commission pay, W-2 to 1099, or wage earner to self-employed).
  • Provide all requested documents promptly.
  • Keep documentation on any deposits made into your accounts other than regular payroll deposits.
  • Keep copies of earnest money deposits and pre-paid upgrade deposits along with the bank statements to verify the checks have cleared your account.


  • Incur any additional debts while your application is in process (i.e. – auto, credit card, furniture, etc.)
  • Change employers or industry in which you work without consulting your Loan Officer.
  • Co-sign on a loan/line of credit/account for anyone while your loan is in process.
  • Pack, ship or discard any information that may be required at a later date such as W-2’s, tax returns, bank statements, divorce decree, DD214, etc.
  • Allow any unnecessary credit inquiries.