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October 2015: The Getting Started Guide to Organizing

October 2015: Down Payment Requirements

September 2015: Want to Create a Useful Home Office?


Down Payment Requirements

Did you know that different loan types have different down payment requirements?

Although putting down the minimum may sound appealing, you will often find that you can get improved rates, lower cost mortgage insurance and qualify for a more expensive home by putting down more than the minimum.


The “Getting Started Guide” to Organizing

Simply put, the first step to getting started is to START!

Too often we wait until we think we are going to have several uninterrupted hours (or days) to “get our act together”. Instead, allow yourself the freedom of taking on your house one closet, or one drawer at a time – perhaps only 10 – 20 minutes per day.

Eventually, you will complete your projects, but you will certainly never finish what you have not begun!

Start with the least used areas of the home, perhaps a guest bathroom or your dining room. This will give you practice for the more time-consuming areas of your home, as well as give you a sense of accomplishment. You will enjoy the peace and satisfaction in those rooms before you tackle a more complicated room like the kitchen or bedroom closet.


What will Katy’s planned water park and boardwalk mean for local home values?

As residential growth continues in the Katy area, businesses and entrepreneurs are seeking more ways to keep family recreational dollars close to home.

Typhoon Texas, next to Katy Mills Mall, is slated to open May 2016.

The 43-acre family friendly water park is privately funded and will include six separate bodies of water, a splash pad, a 1,500 foot lazy river, a rain fortress for the kids, and water slides for the thrill seeker. Typhoon Texas’s slides will pump out 28,000 gallons of water per minute.


Want to Create a Useful Home Office?

Working from home has serious benefits. You can’t beat the commute or the flexibility you have when it comes to structuring your day. But there are also drawbacks. Creating a makeshift office at the kitchen table could mean important documents end up with a coffee ring or worse, go missing.

Whether you work full-time from home or just need an occasional workspace, thoughtful room design can make all the difference. From task lighting to functional storage, here are a few pointers for setting up an effective home office:


How to LIVE BIG in a small space

Living in a small space poses many challenges from an interior design perspective. Too much furniture and your home feels small and cluttered. Too little and you lack the functionality you need for day-to-day living.


Tax Tips for Self-Employed Taxpayers

Conducting business as a sole proprietor is one of the simplest forms of operation. It’s easy to start a business operated as a sole proprietorship and equally easy to discontinue.


Home Loan Application Do’s and Don’ts

Applying for a home loan? Here are some “Do’s and Don’ts” to consider that can impact your home loan application process, both good and bad…


First Time Homebuyers? Consider These Tips

What every First-time Homebuyer should know.With the real estate market steadily improving, more and more first time homebuyers are purchasing homes and qualifying for mortgages. Have you been thinking about buying your first home? HomeWay Mortgage has put together a few tips to help you begin your journey to home ownership.